Azure Kernel - Seventeenth Stable Release

Codename - Discombobulated (Music To Be Murdered By - Side B reference) Link to heading

Changelogs over Sixteenth Release | [23 August, 2022] Link to heading

  1. Introduce MGLRU and hooked it with SLMK for better memory management.

  2. Port Samsung-only optimizations for CFQ-IOSCHED

  3. Reduce scheduler latency for a better responsiveness

  4. LZ4 backports, swapping is multiple times faster now.

  5. KGSL backports, much smoother UX

  6. Reduce swapping aggresiveness to 10, apps stay in RAM for a longer time instead of swapped out.

  7. Binder backports

Wiki ( Includes Installation, Building ) Link to heading

Wiki for Azure kernel can be found here - Github WiKi

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Compatibility Link to heading

  1. Android 11 - 13

  2. No MIUI support

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Github Release (direct)